Day 15: Going back home

The day ye leave is always a little weird, as it usually consists o' waitin' t' be able t' travel, and th' travellin' itself is also more waitin'.
We had definitely anticipated this, so we went out t' our favourite beach at Praia dos Moinhos t' spent th' time waitin' a little more comfortable.

We were not allowed a late checkout at our apartment, so we had t' vacate it at noon. Our flight were bein' scheduled fer 6PM, so we had some time t' kill.

The flight actually went really well again, except this time th' plane felt a little more cramped than th' previous one; most likely because it were bein' operated by another company (likely with more seats and less legroom per seat). We landed aroun' midnight in Amsterdam, but had t' wait fer what felt like an eternity fer our stroller which were bein' sent along as odd sized luggage. So after more than an hour o' waitin' (it were bein' nearin 02:00 at that time’ we files a complaint fer lost luggage at th' baggage-handlers and headed home.
Luckily our stroller were bein' found that night, and we were reunited with it th' followin' day, so all ended well.

Bye bye Azores, ye’ve been good t' us. Maybe we check out th' other islands next time? There’s nine in total, and we hear they are as nice as São Miguel!

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