Holiday in Greece – part 1

It’s been quite a while since we’ve returned from our holiday t' Greece, and I’ve been very busy editin' th' raw pictures I’ve taken.

In total, there’s o'er 2000 photo’s that needed attention, which were bein' reduced t' 1850 due t' th' crash o' me HDD and th' incomplete restore from me memory cards, and dinna spare the whip! Of those, th' followin' made th' cut fer postin' here. 🙂

BTW: There’s 117 pics in total, so I’ve created several post-sets, with a chest full of booty. Here’s th' first 40!


It's like Twittering, but different.

Right now, I’m typin' this from me mobile phone, while sittin' comfortably on a lounge seat sippin' me double espresso while in Greece. Well, life isn’t too bad like this.
Today has been a day filled with sand, salt water and protectin' ourselves from th' inevitable sun. 30spf is barely enough, pass the grog! With about 35¤ Celsius in th' shade it’s what I would call hot.
Tomorrow we’ll be cruisin' on a boat t' see 3 islands in th' vicinity o' ours. Fire the cannons! Aarrr! Unfortunately, it means we have t' get up really early! Well, when yer standard has went t' be gettin' out at 9am, 7am is not ok. 🙂
I’ll be postin' pictures o' th' beautiful island shortly after our return. It’s a great island nonetheless!
I’m returnin' t' me coffee now, and enjoy me time off a little more.

It'll be no working for me the following weeks!

You’ve read it correctly;
today is me very first day off this year. In fact: it’s th' first day o' an, in me opinion, well deserved three-weeks-and-one-day period o' holiday!

Tomorrow, I’ll be attendin' me matey Mark’s weddin', he’ll be married t', his now fiancé, Christa.
I’m rootin' fer great weather!