Holiday in Greece – part 1

It’s been quite a while since we’ve returned from our holiday to Greece, and I’ve been very busy editing the raw pictures I’ve taken.

In total, there’s over 2000 photo’s that needed attention, which was reduced to 1850 due to the crash of my HDD and the incomplete restore from my memory cards. Of those, the following made the cut for posting here. 🙂

BTW: There’s 117 pics in total, so I’ve created several post-sets. Here’s the first 40!

2 thoughts on “Holiday in Greece – part 1”

  1. That all looks pretty greek! What was your itinerary? I’ve been on a lightning trip through Greece back in September: Athens-Olympia-Athens-Mykonos-Santorini-Athens (didn’t stay anywhere longer than one day, sometimes to my regret).

  2. Maarten Tijhof – Localhost – A long time tinkerer, I'm now seasoned in the art of integration where most of my work has been completed with Oracle middleware. Also, I'm an avid photographer and badminton player and very much like to travel the world!
    Maarten says:

    Well, it was pretty stable all throughtout the trip: Kefalonia. 🙂

    We travelled the entire island to see all places, and only missed the South-Eastern parts. 12 Days is waaaaaaay too short!

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