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Fulfilling a request

Making a promise is one thing, sticking to it another. It took quite some time, but here they are E-E-R!


Well, you could’ve figured it out by now, after my previous post about new LR-settings and a D90, here’s the official announcement: I bought a new camera! It’s the D90, combined with the 18-105 kit-lens, and the magnificent Nikkor 70-300… Continue Reading →

New camera, new settings

Lightroom’s Default Develop Settings: If you are anything like me, then you have spent all too long wondering a couple of things about lightroom (I use version 2.6) regarding importing RAW files and the default settings that Lightroom applies to… Continue Reading →

Holiday in Greece – part 1

It’s been quite a while since we’ve returned from our holiday to Greece, and I’ve been very busy editing the raw pictures I’ve taken. In total, there’s over 2000 photo’s that needed attention, which was reduced to 1850 due to… Continue Reading →

Holiday in Greece – part 2

As I promised to you: here’s the next 40!

Holiday in Greece – part 3

And here’s part #3. 🙂 Still with me here?


I’m still really busy working on the pictures we took during our holiday. Today, it’s creating panoramas by stitching them together. There’s a whole lot of tools capable of doing so, including the ancient Photostich, several paid programs, and my… Continue Reading →

The second week in France, part III

Today has been pretty much exhausting, which is partly due to the fact our bed in our mobile home really sucks and partly due to the fact that getting up early and walking for almost five hours in the blistering… Continue Reading →

The second week in France, part II

The following Monday, a major undertaking was on the schedule. We would drive all the way to the other side of the Parc des Ecrins (which is the reserve we’re in by the way) to La Grave. A two hour… Continue Reading →

The second week in France, part I

A major update today: I’m posting a bunch of pictures we made over the past few days, arranged by day. Sunday, we went for a short stroll ‘just around the corner’ from us, which ended up being a gigantic detour… Continue Reading →

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