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Holiday 2018

Day 11: Ponta Delgada

Today we decided to visit the main city on our island, Ponta Delgada. The last time we tried to we couldn’t park our car anywhere because of Portugal Day, but since it is a weekday today (Wednesday to be precise)… Continue Reading →

Day 10: The volcano does the hard work

When we were at Furnas last time, we heard about a meal being prepared inside a hole in an area with fumaroles. And we even got to see such a meal being inserted in such a hole, and one being… Continue Reading →

Day 9: Someone got to see a whale!

Today is Monday and also the day after Portugal Day, so the island is a little more sleepy than usual. We’ve heard the festivities until late last night, so we feel a little for all the people who need to… Continue Reading →

Day 8: Nordeste

Today, we travelled all the way to the East to a little town called Nordeste. That is about 45 minutes by car, and approximately 45 kilometers. This is also the eastern most part of the island, and it looks and… Continue Reading →

Day 7: Pineapples!

We had big plans today, but they were thwarted not by the weather, but by the date. This day is the Saturday before Portugal Day, and as Sunday still is a bit sacred over here, the majority of festivities happen… Continue Reading →

Day 6: A day at the park

Yet another day of good weather, while it was forecast to be overcast all day, gave us a good reason to go to a park with three waterfalls called Parque Natural dos Caldeirões. It is conveniently located in a small… Continue Reading →

Day 5: The other volcano

With another day of great weather, we decided to go see the other big volcano (crater) at Cete Cidades in the Western part of the island. As this is a cold crater, you first have to drive into it, which… Continue Reading →

Day 4: Volcanoes!

Instead of the promised good weather we were greeted today with what can only be described as torrential downpour, so we had to run to breakfast again. That’s a nice start to our day! We wanted to go to Furnas… Continue Reading →

Day 3: Tea time!

The Azores are the only place in Europe where tea can be grown, and today we went to see the only current plantation called Plantações de Chá Gorreana. They have a large number of plants where they grow four types… Continue Reading →

Day 2: Relaxing after the flight

We actually were forced to relax today, as it started raining during the night after being really overcast yesterday, and we were forced to run to our breakfast buffet to avoid getting all soaked. Breakfast is served here between 8… Continue Reading →

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