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Day 33: The last one

We decided to have a very slow morning and woke up about an hour later than usual, breakfast was served around half past 8. This could be done as we only had to drive for 1 hour to Christchurch. Or… Continue Reading →

Day 32: Taking it easy at Windwhistle

While the mountain decided to show itself yesterday, it all seemed like it was not going to do so today at all. The sky was filled with dark and get clouds right above the village, and more were rolling in… Continue Reading →

Day 31: Mountains!

The Otago Peninsula has been good to us. All marine wildlife has shown itself to us, and sometimes even posed for the camera in way we didn’t think possible. The weather has been awful and great at times, and during… Continue Reading →

Day 30: More marine wildlife

This day can best be divided into two¬† separate parts: the good part and the bad part. The bad part must have been the morning and a portion of the afternoon. When we woke up, it rained. When we were… Continue Reading →

Day 29: The Otago Peninsula

Today, we are leaving the Catlin’s already, but not after we took another quick peek at the dolphins at Porpoise Bay. They are not in today, but will probably be around. However, we didn’t see them. So we are off… Continue Reading →

Day 28: Back to the mainland

Another early morning today, as we had to catch our flight back to the main island from Stewart Island to Invercargill. The commute in Oban was not too bad, but as the weather had clearly changed the flight would be… Continue Reading →

Day 27: An island off an island off an island

This morning is like many other mornings, but unlike quite a few others. The weather is dark and wet yet again, but this time is different: we are about to get on a plane. A plane not back home, but… Continue Reading →

Day 26: Spending the day in Invercargill

After a good night of sleep, we woke up to a silent and rainy world. Not the perpetual type of rain, but more like a drizzle which turns into rain now and then and sometimes even dies down completely. This… Continue Reading →

Day 25: Cruising Milford Sound

Today is a day with a lot of driving, again! We are going on a cruise through Milford Sound, which is considered to be one of the best boat tips one can make in New Zealand. The Milford Sound is… Continue Reading →

Day 24: Passing Paradise to Te Anau

Wow. Even after such a short amount of time, Kinloch has really grown on me. Surrounded by majestic mountain ranges and lying directly opposite to Glenorchy on the banks of Lake Wakatipu, it is utterly quiet and peaceful. There are… Continue Reading →

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