Day 32: Taking it easy at Windwhistle

While the mountain decided to show itself yesterday, it all seemed like it was not going to do so today at all. The sky was filled with dark and get clouds right above the village, and more were rolling in at a very constant rate. We also woke up to a very cold day, but could see that the valley had nice weather.

As we had to leave anyway, we did just that and set out on the trip to Windwhistle.
This is very close to Christchurch, and was to be or last full day out and about. Tomorrow is the day we drive to the city, and the day after that we’ll be inside a plane.

The journey proved to be quite uneventful, but we enjoyed it very much, as the driving was leisurely and scenic. Not very much to report here!
It did however warm up to about 20 degrees, and we were tempted to pull out the shorts. It has been a long while since we had those on!

Tomorrow, we have made reservations for some action packed adventure and will drive to the city also. You’ll see tomorrow!
The B&B for tonight is located on a pretty posh Golf resort, and we had to drive 20 minutes to the nearest town to get some food as the prices for the accompanying four course dinner are a little to steep for us.
Remember: we are dining out every day for 5 weeks in a row! 😉