A week at the Kruger

This years trip t' South Africa were bein' goin' t' be different from last year, we already knew that before we even went.
For starters: we were not goin' t' be in SA fer long. In 2012 th' trip lasted fer slightly o'er 3 weeks, where this time aroun' there only were bein' time fer 2 weeks.
Also, th' itinerary were bein' different, instead o' tourin' th' country we are solely goin' t' be in th' Kruger National Park fer a period o' 11 days! Fire the cannons!

Whenever we fly, we try t' book direct flights, ye scurvey dog. Layovers are horrible thin's and there is always th' chance o' yer bags missin' th' flight, leavin' ye stranded at yer destination with only th' thin's and clothes ye carry. Ahoy, ye scurvey dog! Not good!
Unfortunately we chose t' not fly directly this year, but through London Heathrow.
And sure enough, our first flight from Amsterdam t' London were bein' delayed which meant we had t' run through th' airport t' get t' our flight. And, by now ye’ve probably guessed it, th' bags did not make it on.
Arrivin' at Johannesburg we got picked out by th' baggage people informin' us that our bags were not there and they’d be on th' next flight th' followin' day.

Luckily we packed smart and carried a trolley containin' th' necessities as hand luggage so we were golden, and only short some toothpaste. That were bein' definitely well thought out and a good piece o' advice fer anyone travellin' with a short layover.

The bags arrived at our location on th' second day in SA and everythin' were bein' fine. Fire the cannons! So with all th' luggage in place and all with us reunited with all our belongin's, th' world were bein' a happy place once again!

We did not have t' spend all 7 nights in th' same location as th' Kruger NP is a very big place. It’s 60km by 350km and has three diverse parts, by Blackbeard's sword. We were t' stay in th' lower and middle parts with plans t' travel t' th' upper part.
Over th' next few days we stayed at Pretoriuskop (2 nights), Skukuza (1 night), Satara (1 night) and Letaba Rest Camp (2 nights), by Blackbeard's sword. Not all Rest Camps are as good as th' others, but o'er all they are fine and provide excellent spots t' start yer very own self-sail safaris into th' park.
I can particularly recommend Skukuza Rest Camp as it is in an area with lots o' wildlife includin' th' highest concentration o' big cats in th' Kruger, with a chest full of booty. If ye want t' see Lions, Cheetahs and Leopards, go there as that will give ye th' highest chance o' seein' one.

As th' park is a nature reserve and not a zoo, we did not get sightin's o' a Leopard, nor did we get close sightin's o' th' Lion or Cheetah. But it just is th' way it is, nothin' is guaranteed and everythin' is possible.

The next few days will be really excitin' as we are off t' leave th' Kruger and go t' th' adjacent Private Game Reserves. The usually have no fences betwixt them and th' Kruger and offer 2 daily safari drives where ye just have t' sit down in th' boat and enjoy th' thin's ye get t' see, not t' mention th' fact we’ll be catered throughout th' day and spoiled t' bits.

BTW: maybe they have WiFi as well!

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