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Holiday 2011

Too bad it’s all over…

Unfortunately, it already has been quite a while since we returned home after our flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam. We have had a blast touring, enjoying and experiencing Canada, and more specifically BC and Alberta and all the good things… Continue Reading →

Taking a walk downtown

After arriving in Victoria yesterday we decided that we needed a day without too many activities, a day of relaxing and taking it easy. And so we did. After a breakfast at the hotel we started walking to downtown Victoria…. Continue Reading →

Going further south

Today had quite a long drive on our schedule, driving all the way east and south from Tofino to Victoria. Our first stop of the day was (well, after breakfast of course) a trip down a piece of old growth… Continue Reading →

Last day in Tofino

Other people might say we are nuts, I’d say we went out and made the most of it. Today was filled with water time, in total 3 hours looking at bears and over 6 hours looking for whales and such!… Continue Reading →

Gone fishing

This morning has to be the most easy morning we had in quite a while. We started off by sleeping in, and around 9 we had an excellent breakfast in the restaurant next door. Compare this with our usual hours… Continue Reading →

Let’s go surfing!

Starting off in Campbell River we headed out to the other side of Vancouver Island, to Tofino. This is quite a long drive straight through the rugged terrain that is the island’s inland. The terrain includes steep mountains, lakes, the… Continue Reading →

Tharrrr she blows!

No, you are not reading a recycled post, this is just the second time we go on this trip. 😉 As we enjoyed the first time around on the whale watching trip as much as we did on the day… Continue Reading →

Grizzlies aye!

Starting really early again, we were expected to be present in front of the building of Tide Rip Tours in Telegraph Cove at 06:45 after a one hour drive from Port Hardy. It’s not hard to imagine this would mean… Continue Reading →

Tharrrr she blows!

Today has been all about whales and trying to find them. And not any regular type whales, we are targeting orca! First off, we left from the hotel in Port Hardy for a one hour drive to the boat stationed… Continue Reading →

We’re on a boat

Auch. We have had some early mornings, but this one takes the cake. Our watches and phones were set to alarm at 04:00 and 04:05 to enable us to stagger to our breakfast at 04:30. Yes, you read that right:… Continue Reading →

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