Category: Holiday 2011

Too bad it’s all over…

Unfortunately, it already has been quite a while since we returned home after our flight from Vancouver to Amsterdam. We have had a blast touring, enjoying and experiencing Canada, and more specifically BC and Alberta and all the good things this country and it’s provinces have to offer. We would definately like to see more, but our time was limited

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Gone fishing

This morning has to be the most easy morning we had in quite a while. We started off by sleeping in, and around 9 we had an excellent breakfast in the restaurant next door. Compare this with our usual hours and you know why our spirits were up as the rain poured down quite heavily! We were scheduled for yet

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Let’s go surfing!

Starting off in Campbell River we headed out to the other side of Vancouver Island, to Tofino. This is quite a long drive straight through the rugged terrain that is the island’s inland. The terrain includes steep mountains, lakes, the obvious pine forests and some pretty amazing stuff: rainforests! Right after starting on the island highway, we encountered Miracle Beach,

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