Day 13: Revisiting Sete Cidades

Today is gearin' up t' be equally hot and humid as yesterday, but th' forecast promises us th' clouds will be liftin' later in th' day, so we hope fer th' best and embark on th' trip West t' revisit Sete Cidades, avast. Hopefully without a cloudy cover, but with blue patches t' show off th' amazin' colour o' th' lakes!

Drivin' o'er there we can see th' clouds are clearin', so we decided t' also revisit th' high Miradouros as th' view will be better than last time. And so it were bein'! And swab the deck! With less clouds th' colours are even more pronounced than before, and we are really happy t' have been able t' see th' crater like this.
While we were there, we also did a little urbex by explorin' th' abandoned hotel from th' eighties overlookin' th' lakes at Miradouro da Vista do Rei.

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