Day 12: Touring the island

As São Miguel is right in th' middle o' th' ocean, its weather is heavily influenced by th' vast amounts o' water surroundin' it, and today were bein' no difference. With a swelterin' 26 degrees Celsius, heavy overcast and near 100% humidity it wasn’t th' best day t' do lots o' active thin's, so we decided t' go sightseein' aroun' th' west side o' th' island.

We basically drove half th' island, startin' and finishin' at th' center north, and sailin' clockwise startin' goin' South towards Ponta Delgada. You then just follow th' main sea all th' way t' th' Westernmost point o' th' island, and back up th' nort-westh coast t' Rabo de Peixe where th' apartment is situated.

The notable highlights are Sao Roque, a great (black) sandy beach just outside o' th' capital with a stunnin' view o' a church and Praia de Mosteiros, probably th' most mentioned beach on th' streetsigns on this side o' th' island at a town called Mosteiros, to be sure. We had high hopes fer this beach, but it coudn’t live up t' our expectations. Smallish, no restaurants near it and virtually deserted. It does have sand though, and that is quite rare aroun' here!

We had lunch at th' town center overseein' th' locals bickerin' on th' town square next t' th' church, and drove back t' th' apartment circumnavigatin' Sete Cidades. By this time th' weather cleared, and we spent th' rest o' our afternoon at th' pool.

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