Day 9: Someone got to see a whale!

Today is Monday and also the day after Portugal Day, so the island is a little more sleepy than usual. We’ve heard the festivities until late last night, so we feel a little for all the people who need to be up and about for work today.

We have an early start as we are expected to report at the dock at 08:30 to embark on a half-day whale-watching trip just south of our island. But, it is just for one person this time, so I’m staying on shore to fulfill my duties.

The sightings on the tour were pretty good, with all the usual suspects showing up: a huge pod of Common Dolphins, a family pod of Bottlenose Dolphins and even the (near resident) Sperm Whale. These guys are feeding around the islands, so they only take very deep dives which means you might see them now, but they stay under for around 45 minutes a little later! Also: waiting and bobbing for 45 minutes on open sea in a small boat is kind of nauseating. Luckily, we were prepared while some others were not. 😉

We basically didn’t do anything other today, apart from shopping for groceries and hanging around at the pool. It was a great day!