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Securing the web one site at a time

As security becomes an increasingly important matter, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and only serve this site through HTTPS! The encryption is done with a certificate from Let’s Encrypt, and I’m forcing all requests to this site to… Continue Reading →

Finally done!

Finally, after a grueling long haul, in which we sifted through a staggering 13K photo’s we took in New Zealand, I can claim victory. The numbers: 10842 pictures survived the cut, totalling 220GB. About 11%, or 1229, were deemed good… Continue Reading →

Day 7: To Arenal

Being the only guest in a lodge certainly has its advantages, as breakfast is served whenever we feel like it. Today, it was around 07:30. Right after this, we embarked on a small boat for yet another boat safari on… Continue Reading →

Day 12: (Not) walking the Alpine Crossing

Our only full day at Tongariro National Park, and the forecast is basically rain with lots of wind. Not so great for a 10 hour walk. We are staying in a place called The Park Traveller’s Lodge, nearly situated in… Continue Reading →

A new year, a new theme. After TwentyTen, TwentyEleven and last year’s TwentyTwelve, I present to you: TwentyThirteen! I really like it for it’s bold colours and nice big width. Let’s see what versions after 0.1 give us!


Yes, it’s that time of year again! TLAPD2010 is upon us, and will not be happening offline anytime soon. Too bad. Until then, just check out this blog for everything written in Piratey. 🙂

Moving time

My hosting partner for this website has been a trusty, yet private party able to provide high class service for a very low price. Born out of a hobby, this has grown too big for him to cope with. Since… Continue Reading →

Stylish new robes

I’ve tried to find a new theme for some time now, as I was growing a little bit too familiarised with my old theme. I really like this one, but am quite anxious to find out how the change is… Continue Reading →

Transplanting the crucial part

After over four years of dutiful work, my trusty Asus V6800 (or V6V) laptop suddenly threw errors at me during startup. With a SMART status of BAD, it instructed me to go buy a new HDD, as the likelihood of… Continue Reading →

More updates have come to this blog

Yeah, I’m running WP 3.0 on this blog, while this specific post has been typed on my Hero and the new WP app for Android. Let’s see the geotagging happen!

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