Finally done!

Finally, after a grueling long haul, in which we sifted through a staggering 13K photo’s we took in New Zealand, I can claim victory.

The numbers:

10842 pictures survived the cut, totalling 220GB. About 11%, or 1229, were deemed good enough to be showcased in a photobook. 387 panorama’s were created, with roughly 4000 pictures as a basis. These panorama’s are another 41GB big!

In total, 2167 pictures have been manually edited by me in over 9 months time. Auch. No prizes for speed will be awarded there!

Used tools:

  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Hugin

One thought on “Finally done!”

  1. Dat is prachtig, maar nog veel te veel. In de beperking toont zich de meester. Kortom 10k minder is een eind in de goede richting.:-))

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