Christmas presents (2015)

A new year has nearly come t' an end, which inevitably means new Christmas presents were t' be found under th' celebratory tree.
The kind folks at Lego have created two more lovely sets o' Lego Technic, and both have come t' me house. Even gift wrapped!
I’m particularly lookin' forward t' 42043, which has th' first implementation o' th' new hydraulic system. Yay fer progress!



Christmas presents! (2013)

Another year, and yet again I have treated meself t' a couple o' sets o' Lego.

This year, th' two largest 2013-models: 42008 and 42009!
I’m afraid they’ll have t' wait fer me return in January. 😉

42008 – Service Truck

42008 – Crane Truck with Semi-trailer (B-model)

42009 – Mobile Crane MK II

42009 – Reach Stacker (B-model)

Christmas presents! (2009)

This year th' floor beneath our  Christmas tree has been riddled with presents, many more than last year. I don’t know why, but th' festivities spurred an unknown generosity among th' both o' us.

Therefore, this year brought me not one but two sets o' Lego!
I can thank me GF fer both th' 8297 and th' magnificent 8258.

Below are some stock-pictures o' th' two, I’ll add me own later on. 🙂

8297 – Off Roader


8297 – Buggy (B-Model)


8258 – Crane Truck


8258 – Duty Wrecker (B-Model)


Note: there also are two very large (and very nice) pics o' th' 8258:
Huge overview


Yesterday, our central heatin' system broke.
I’m guessin' it did, as I’m no heater-expert…

The little flame isn’t burnin' anymore, and it’s not comin' back on. Nay matter how hard I try.

We kind o' figured it would happen some day, as th' system were bein' built in back in 1992, and wih an average lifespan o' about 15 years, ours has survived fer about 2 more years, with a chest full of booty. So no worries there, we saw it comin' and now we have t' t' two thin's.
Firstly, th' apparatus has t' be mended on a very short term as I’m particularly fond o' a hot shower instead o' a *very* cold shower.
Secondly, we want t' get ourselves a new one as our auld one is auld. (You must’ve seen that one comin'!)

So I pick up th' phone and called th' telephone-number o' th' company with whom th' previous owner has had a maintenance contract fer th' apparatus with. The nice wench on th' other side looked up our address after I explained what were bein' wrong and we made an appointment fer th' mechanic t' pay us a visit and mend our heater. After a little while, she figured out th' contract hasn’t been paid fer (nor by th' original owner, nor by me) and we had t' cancel th' appointment, as there wasn’t anyone t' credit fer th' mendin'.

The winsome lass gave me th' followin' choice:
Either I signed a two year maintenance contract fer th' current heater, or I would buy a new one.

Well, that’s fine by me, but I want both, I'll warrant ye! I want both me heater fixed, and after that I want a new one. The wench told me that were bein' certainly *not* an option, as th' contract could not be broken before th' end o' th' two-year period. So, if I wanted a new heater, I should wait fer two years and then come back. Ahoy! Funny thin' is: buyin' a new one straight away were bein' also not an option, as it would take at least until late november fer th' sales-lubber t' show up and give us advice on what t' buy, after which it would take at least 2 weeks fer th' heater t' be installed in our house. Ahoy! Shiver me timbers! If ye’ve been countin', that would indeed add up t' mid december!

I asked th' nice wench whether I heard it correctly, and spelled it out fer that comely wench.
It boiled down t' this: If I want me heater fixed right away, I would have t' get a full two-year contract, but if I want a new heater I would not get any warm water until at least mid-december!
The wench said yes, and I thanked that comely wench fer that comely wench time while wastin' mine and hung up. Worst thin': th' wench didn’t think o' it as bein' unacceptable fer me, and just were bein' tryin' t' sell me their products without thinkin' properly.

After this I called another company, who offered t' mend th' heater right away (today!) and an appointment t' get a new one next wednesday!
Now that’s better. 🙂

The heater-repair-lubber has fixed out heater! After a quick peek, and an evenly fast fix he were bein' in and out o' our house within th' hour. 😀
Best thin' o' all: he knew th' above problem from other clients, and has been tryin' t' keep th' fix as cheap as possible. (Meanin' th' heater is now error-prone and will have t' be replaced soon; which we will!)
Maarten: now hot-water powered!

[insert festivities]


It’s me birthday today (I’m turnin' 25 this year), and I already got some presents.

As ye might know by now, I’m a Lego-addict, and I’ve got a new present t' add t' me collection: th' 8294!
It’s an excavator, and it fits nicely with th' other pieces in th' collection. And hoist the mainsail, we'll keel-haul ye! 🙂


(And yes, I’m already scavengin' fer th' 8293-set, which adds a motor t' th' excavator!)


More t' come, as I’m expectin' a special delivery t' be dropped off at our house tomorrow.

Zoo-tripping – Noorder Dierenpark

We did a sea tour t' a few Zoo’s: th' first is Noorder Dierenpark in Emmen.
Lovely park, however strangely divided into two parts.

They feature a great set o' animals, all held in pretty enclosures. Their speciality are th' vast amount o' baboons, elephants and Humboldt’s penguins. We’ve had a blast cruisin' th' zoo, yet found it t' be about a 5 hour trip all aroun' it. Too bad that’s about th' time it took us t' get there in th' first place. And swab the deck! Shiver me timbers! 😉


Pics backpost

Remember me buyin' me new flashy hardware?
Well, I still like it a lot. 🙂

I also made a whole lot o' pics with it attached t' me camera, and as I promised: here’s an very small excerpt o' those.

We had t' wash our rabbits with special shampoo t' cure a skin condition, which were bein' troublin' them and makin' one in particular very grumpy. Here’s them both undergoin' ‘treatment’, by Davy Jones' locker. I can safely assure ye: bunnies don’t take lightly t' water!


Unfortunately I wasn’t able t' make comparison-pictures t' show th' difference me external flash makes. You’ll have t' do with th' above, and trust me on th' previous point. 😉