Day 1: Getting there

This year is going to be different as we are not just the two of us anymore, but we are travelling as a family now. This means packing is quite interesting as you need more stuff than you might think at first.

We did prepare for this however, so packing on our travel day could be kept to a minimum as the majority of the hard work has been done the day before. This meant we had an easy start of the day, and were able to collectively leave our house at the right time to get to the airport. Yes, we are going by plane!

Our flight was a little delayed, but we made it through without much effort, and we finally boarded OR699 to PDL, which would take about 4 hours. The flight was great! We all were on our best behaviour, and despite not sleeping at all, our neighbours hardly noticed us. That was awesome!

After negotiating the line at the rental desk, we finally were able to get to our car with the rented children’s seat, and were off to our destination for the day: Quinta de Santana. That’s only a 20 minute drive away, but as night crept in on us as it was nearing 7PM we grabbed a quick bite to eat at a nearby restaurant and basically turned in for the night.

We anticipated a little drama, but none was to be had today and we felt great about that. So proud to be able to do it this way!