Day 2: Relaxing after the flight

We actually were forced to relax today, as it started raining during the night after being really overcast yesterday, and we were forced to run to our breakfast buffet to avoid getting all soaked.

Breakfast is served here between 8 and 10:30, but everyone seems to start early this morning, so it was packed. A lot of old people down here, and we are the only family. Great.

The rain started subsiding a little after 12, so out we went to find a supermercado, and boy did we find one! It is called Sol-Mar, and is located in Ponta Delgada. There are stores nearby, it we were told this was the biggest one, so off we went.

After getting our groceries back to our apartment, the skies were pretty much cleared up and we even saw patches of blue, so we ventured out a little to a nearby town called Capelas, and went sightseeing to a few Miradouros, like the telling Miradoura da Vigia and Miradoura de Pesqueira.

We loved it! But needed to get back to make dinner for the three of us. Yes, schedules are tight nowadays!