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Christmas presents! (2017)

With yet another Christmas rolling around, the Lego-season was on! With a nice lineup (but not as nice as last year!), these are the sets I’ve acquired this year: 42060-1: Roadwork Crew 42064-1: Ocean Explorer 42068-1: Airport Rescue Vehicle 42070-1:… Continue Reading →

Gearing up for a new trip

To keep up with the tradition, we decided to go on a long trip abroad again this year! This time, we’re heading down the globe nearly vertically to find ourselves in the southern part of Africa once more. We generally… Continue Reading →

More gear

Oh yes, I’ve been helping our local economy getting trough the rough patch a little bit more lately. And boy, did I enjoy doing so. 😉 Now it is up to you to guess what this is!

Adding to the family

It has not been a long time since I last spent a good amount of money on my cameragear, and yet that time has come again: I bought a new toy! Not a FF-body, or a new body of any… Continue Reading →

New gadget, now with more mm’s!

Very recently, I’ve acquired a new gadget. As some of you know I’m quite an avid photographer, and combined with my tendency for getting new gadgets it yields a combination which is deadly for my finances. A long story short:… Continue Reading →

Hammering my budget

So, after a very considerable time of trying to figure out whether it is worth the money, I couldn’t resist it and made up my mind. Forget about the third-party lenses. No Tamron, Sigma or Tokina lens for me. A… Continue Reading →

Hardware 2010 – part IV

Finally, after some time, I’ve come around to get you guys the low-down on the brand new hardware. It’s awesome, in the most true form of the word. Comprising of a Intel Core i7-950 processor running at 3.07 GHz on… Continue Reading →

Hardware 2010, part III

Oh, the wonders of modern technology. Just now, I’ve been informed about the fact that my neighbour has signed off on receiving two packages for me. The packages contain the last bits and pieces for me to succesfully assemble my… Continue Reading →

Hardware 2010, part II

The mailman arrived late today, giving me the chance to get my two packages from him! #1: 585 x 400 x 230 mm, with a total weight of 6795 grams #2: 650 x 440 x 335 mm, with a total… Continue Reading →

Hardware 2010, part I

It’s been quite a while since I last upgraded my computer hardware as my main computer is my Pentium-M 1.6GHz laptop with 2GB of memory. My former workstation, aka server, is an AMD Duron 1600 with a whopping 1GB of… Continue Reading →

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