More gear

Oh yes, I’ve been helping our local economy getting trough the rough patch a little bit more lately.

And boy, did I enjoy doing so. 😉
Now it is up to you to guess what this is!

You should've seen a teaser here...

For those who guessed it: you just earned a cookie!
For everyone else: it’s a Nikon D7100.

Fresh from the product lines in Thailand, I present to you this 24MP beastie.
The only drawback I’ve encountered so far is the fact that I have to expand my collection of SD-cards shortly, as the +/-30MB pictures are kind of hogging the 200+GB I already have. Also, class 10 SD-cards seem to get the job done a little faster than the class 4 and 6 cards I currently own.
With prices of 64GB class 10 SD cards dropping faster than ever, I can wait a little while and get’m quite a bit cheaper. I love cheaper!