Hardware 2010 – part IV

Finally, after some time, I’ve come around to get you guys the low-down on the brand new hardware.

It’s awesome, in the most true form of the word.

Comprising of a Intel Core i7-950 processor running at 3.07 GHz on an X58 motherboard with 12GB of RAM and an 80GB SSD, it’s fast. Very fast. And then some. 🙂

For all techies out there:

  • Intel Core i7-950
  • Asrock X58 Extreme3
  • OCZ Gold DDR3 PC3-10666 Triple-Channel kit (3x4GB)
  • Intel Postville X25-M 80GB (2nd generation)
  • Asus EAH5550 1GB Silent
  • Samsung F4EB 2TB (2x)
  • Scythe Mugen B rev. 2
  • HP ZR24W
  • Antec Sonata III
  • Logitech S520
  • Logitech Z323

Especially the H-IPS panel in the monitor is superb, I’ve never owned a monitor with such quality and colours.
Buying the set certainly wasn’t cheap; but it’s the best I could get with a certain budget.

As it’s running on Win7 Ultimate 64bit, there’s nothing there’s to be left to want on it: fast, stable and looking good.
How about you guys, any thoughts on the setup? 🙂