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Scenic drives

After our full day at the Grand Canyon, “the cookies were all eaten” and we were due in the next hotel. As it was in Page, AZ the pressure was on to get there in time. Unfortunately, there are a… Continue Reading →


Let’s make this an easy post: the Grand Canyon is both a canyon and definately grand! On Saturday we’ve visited and seen pretty much everything there is to see and visit apart from the Desert View Drive. This included an… Continue Reading →

The eternal blowdryer

Whoever went to California, probably knows the phenomenon: an ever present high temperature low humidity wind, which basically acts as a blowdryer stripping anything in its path from its moisture. Today we have been in its grip for over 4… Continue Reading →

Travelling and such

Coming to you live from the US, it’s me! After a grueling 8 + 5 hour flight, with a very tight 1.5 hour transfer where we were met only by angry looking US customs men on Washington Dulles Airport and… Continue Reading →

Holiday in Greece – part 1

It’s been quite a while since we’ve returned from our holiday to Greece, and I’ve been very busy editing the raw pictures I’ve taken. In total, there’s over 2000 photo’s that needed attention, which was reduced to 1850 due to… Continue Reading →

Holiday in Greece – part 2

As I promised to you: here’s the next 40!

Holiday in Greece – part 3

And here’s part #3. 🙂 Still with me here?


I’m still really busy working on the pictures we took during our holiday. Today, it’s creating panoramas by stitching them together. There’s a whole lot of tools capable of doing so, including the ancient Photostich, several paid programs, and my… Continue Reading →

And we're back

Unfortunately, I’m writing this to you on the very last day of my holiday. Tomorrow, it’s back to regular business for us. *sulk* Pictures will follow shortly. Even after everything that has happened…

It'll be no working for me the following weeks!

You’ve read it correctly; today is my very first day off this year. In fact: it’s the first day of an, in my opinion, well deserved three-weeks-and-one-day period of holiday! Tomorrow, I’ll be attending my friend Mark’s wedding, he’ll be… Continue Reading →

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