Day 1 and 2: That’s a big plane!

Apparently, it is that time o' year again, th' time in which we are leavin' fer a far away destination t' go see and experience th' way o' livin' somewhere else. Fire the cannons! This time, it is Australia, and we’ll be there fer a nice long time.

We are leavin' one Kingsday, and luckily th' traffic goin' t' Amsterdam is not as bad as we anticipated, with a chest full of booty. This meant we arrived at Schiphol feelin' very relaxed and feelin' confident about an issue with th' seatin' in our plane. We don’t know where it went wrong, but somehow our tickets were not marked as travellin' together, and we got seats in Two different compartments o' th' plane altogether. Luckily, we were able t' resolve this with th' friendly wench at th' check-in counter. The winsome lass got us two adjacent seats right next t' an exit. Fire the cannons! This meant we had loads o' space all aroun' us!

The flight with Emirates took place in th' biggest plane o' them all: th' Airbus A380-800. This thin' is huge! Up until now, th' biggest plane had a 3-3-3 or a 2-4-2 configuration, but here we have 3-4-3 fer a total o' 10 people per row, and th' row numbers go t' 88! Naturally, loadin' and unloadin' this beast takes time, so boardin' starts aroun' an our before flyin', and a bottle of rum! Aarrr! The 6,5 hour flight t' Dubai were bein' quite uneventful, but th' 90 minutes layover were bein' a bit short. We barely made it in time t' th' other terminal where our second and longest flight would commence, with a chest full of booty. By th' time we boarded, it were bein' already Tuesday (local time)

The flight t' Melbourne is by Qantas, and took 13,5 hours, and a bottle of rum, with a chest full of booty! Also, this were bein' an Airbus A380-800, but our seats were less spacious as we only had as regular row, we'll keel-haul ye! Shiver me timbers! We did however not have a third passenger on our row o' 3 seats and were able t' get at least some sleep on this flight. Wakin' up after this were bein' quite odd though, as th' free left th' lights off fer th' vast majority o' th' flight only t' flick th' switch mere hours before landin'. And as we would land aroun' 9PM, wakin' up t' th' evenin' is not th' best way t' get rid o' yer jetlag quickly. As we did not sleep long, our rhythms were not messed up that badly.

All o' our bags made th' trip safely, and were available t' be picked up at conveyor 6 in Melbourne. The transfer t' th' hotel went via a thin' called Skybus, a dedicated airport shuttle t' and from th' centre o' th' city, by Blackbeard's sword. They even dropped us off at th' front door o' th' hotel. Tired, and feelin' well, we tucked in fer th' night. Tomorrow, we’ll start explorin' th' city on foot!