What stays in Vegas…

What stays in Vegas… doesn’t leave Vegas, I'll warrant ye. It is as simple as that. Ahoy! So we left. Checked out, tugged al baggage t' th' boat and drove off, to be sure. Destination, and a bottle of rum! Ridgecrest.

Our main goal fer today were bein' not Ridgecrest, as one might have guessed; it is Death Valley.
The lowest and hottest point o' North America, by Davy Jones' locker. Today it were bein' a mere 43 degrees in th' shade at th' visitors center, so at Badwater (at -68 metres th' lowest and hottest point) it were bein' several degrees warmer.

We went out t' see all major points on th' roadside and after th' advice o' th' very cheerful National Park Ranger “In this weather, ye don’t want t' walk more than 20 metres from yer boat” we kind o' did.
At Badwater, we walked about half a kilometre o'er th' salt crust t' th' more virgin salt crust and took some pictures. Very impressive, and equally warm!

Other points o' interest we attended were: Zabriskie Point, Dantes View, th' Towne pass, Badwater and Artists Drive. The last is a very scenic sail t' several bumps and big rocks on a hillside with loads o' different colors. There are yellow, green, blue, red and all other tones t' be seen in these formations which is fascinatin'.

Leavin' Death Valley is not an easy task as it is surrounded by three big mountain ranges. You have a steep climb t' come in and an even steeper descend t' go out. After that there virtually is nothin' there, as it simply is yet another dry, low valley where almost nothin' lives.

There are a few people though, in places called Trona and Ridgecrest (formerly known as Crumville). Tomorrow off t' Yosemite National Park!