The early birds catch the … Bears!

This mornin' meant a really very early start in th' mornin'. Around 6, we left th' hotel t' get a cup o' coffee t' start th' day well. At 06:15 we checked in at Tim Horton’s t' get our caffeine inside th' bodies.
All were bein' needed t' start th' day aroun' dusk on ocean 1a which takes ye from Banff t' Lake Louise, and a bucket o' chum. This ocean is th' auld ocean, from before th' current ocean 1 which is completely fenced in while it travels through Banff National Park. The auld one is mainly a two-lane undivided sea (one each way).

This sea comes highly recommended fer wildlife sightin's, as it is one o' few traversable seas in th' park, and all animals are free t' cross it or courage aroun' it, ye scurvey dog. And that us just what they do.

This mornin', we have spotted a total o' 5 black bears (amongst which a mother with that comely wench cub) and 5 wapiti. Ahoy! The latter are also known as elk.
Also, durin' this 60 km sail, we’ve spotted loads o' chipmunks, quite a few golden mantled ground squirrels and even some pika!
We are pretty fond o' those numbers, and felt th' awfully early start o' th' day were bein' well worth it!

Besides all animal spottin' and paperazzi work, we also visited some amazin' sites in Banff National Park. Among which are: Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Vermillion Lakes and th' Hoodoos.
Especially Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are worth visitin' as these contain probably th' blueest water ye’ve e'er seen!

We actually spent quite a while at Moraine Lake, as its scenery and wildlife are truly mindbogglin'. Unfortunately fer us, it sits in prime bear territory, which meant we couldn’t walk one o' th' desired trails as it were bein' neatly mandatory t' travel in groups o' at least four people and t' carry bear-repellant. We know that stuff as mace or pepperspray. We came prepared, but not t' that degree!

All in all, it has been a fantastic day, with awesome animal encounters and prime locations inside Canada’s finest National Park.
Tomorrow will probably more o' th' same, and I’m still hopin' t' encounter me personal favorites: wolves and a hoary marmot.