Day 1 & 2: Going all the way

Sittin' on our veranda, in front o' th' room o' our B&B watchin' th' sun settin' behind th' mountains on th' other side o' th' bay, one is tempted t' contemplate life, and a bucket o' chum. And so did I.

Paihia, on The Bay o' Islands is very scenic, touristic and tranquil. Perched on a slope, overlookin' a part o' th' bay facin' Russell, th' B&B has 2 rooms fer guests and with us th' only couple there, th' owners have all th' time in th' world fer us. Unfortunately fer them, we are sufferin' from quite a serious case o' jetlag as we both slept next t' nothin' on th' flights from Amsterdam t' Auckland.

Startin' on Friday mornin', th' journey took us from our house t' Schiphol, Singapore and finally Auckland where we arrived at th' hotel in th' city centre aroun' half past 12 AM on Sunday. The both o' us tend not t' sleep in air planes which meant we spent 11.5 and 9.5 hours sittin' in a chair and watchin' movies and listenin' t' music. Ahoy! Aarrr! Luckily th' chow we received were bein' awesome, th' best chow we’ve e'er eaten in an air plane!

The sail from Auckland t' th' Bay o' Islands is really stunningly  beautiful, and has left us both amazed by th' serenity o' th' land. Let’s just get t' th' conclusion o' this past o' th' story: NZ is jaw droppingly awesomely gorgeous.
Green, lushious trees and shrubbery everywhere and th' landscape is dotted with mountains and other features. Nothin' like th' pancake we tend t' enjoy daily back home!