Just hanging out in Vancouver


Basically, today we did a whole lot o' nothin', pass the grog! Fire the cannons! And that were bein' just as good, as we are both pretty much still affected by th' time difference betwixt home and here. Those 9 extra hours yesterday really did some damage…

After wakin' up way too early this mornin', we decided it were bein' time fer some breakfast, pass the grog! We had some (pancakes with locally grown maple syrup) and went out t' go see Stanley Park after it were bein' way too busy yesterday. And hoist the mainsail! The people o' Vancouver go t' this park t' do everythin' but work, so with yesterday’s nice wheather and it bein' a Sunday, it were bein' simply too crowded fer us t' enjoy it fully, with a chest full of booty. Today were bein' our second chance, it it were bein' great, with a chest full of booty! We should have a place like this in every major city! Lots o' green, lots o' water and everythin' is well maintained and clean. Aarrr! Lovely!

With th' obligatory pictures on th' memory cards we went further out t' Capilano Suspension bridge park; a way too expensive yet very entertainin' privately owned narrow suspension bridge across a canyon, we'll keel-haul ye! The park also included some other attractions Luke a treetop boardwalk and several nature inspired trails and walkways.
Unfortunately, th' wheather went a bit sour on us as a small shower passed and made us yank out th' coats and protective clothin'. Walk the plank! Luckily, this did not last long and we went our merry way.

This way led us t' th' Capilano Salmon Hatchery, which is a publicly open, state funded, place where th' local salmon are helped with rearin' th' offsprin' t' achieve a high number o' salmon returnin' t' spawn in that creek in a few years. Nature at its best!  (With a little help from us)

After th' hatchery, a trip t' th' upstream Cleveland Dam just finished off th' day as it included a short but steep climb towards th' dam. The dam holds back potential drinkin' water fer Vancouver, and is quite high. The torrent o' water is flowin' down really fast, by Blackbeard's sword!

Bein' nackered we decided t' call it a day after this and retreated t' our hotel, we'll keel-haul ye, avast! With some shoppin' done we are all set fer tomorrow!

BTW: Vancouver is awesome! It has a really laid back feel t' it and is bein' inhabited by liars o' Asian people and very mellow native Canadians. It is a perfect place t' start th' vacation!
Today’s dinner: Beef bowl.
(Japanese dish consistin' o' rice cooked in stock in a bowl, topped with beef and a little bit o' glazed onion) Perfect, and a bottle of rum!