Going across the pond. Again.

This year is quite different from past years when it comes t' holidays as we’ve actually gone pretty mad with th' destinations.
In addition t' our trip in August/September we’ve also opted t' take a two week leave t' go back t' th' USA. To New York specifically.
To make matters worse: we’ve also decided that, as we are in th' vicinity anyway, trips t' Niagara Falls and Las Vegas were goin' t' be part o' th' deal also.

So, here we are.
New York.

After quite an eventful flight with turbulence and today bein' riddled with appearances from well known Dutchmen, New York itself is still really impressive.
From arrivin' at Newark and takin' th' Newark Airport Express bus directly into Manhattan t' just bein' there in th' city that ne'er sleeps it all is quite overwhelmin', to be sure. There are people and taxis everywhere ye look, and th' skyscrapers stand tall all aroun'.
And when ye thought ye’ve seen a tall buildin', just go t' Manhattan and find out anythin' smaller than bout 20 floors is just bein' dwarfed by huge buildin's like th' Empire State Buildin', th' Chrysler Buildin', th' Bank o' America and so many others. Everywhere ye look, buildin's lower than 5 floors are really rare, and a bottle of rum! How different from our cities can it be!

Unfortunately fer us, th' weather is not that great right now. We flew in with quite heavy rain and an appallin' 14 degrees temperature in overcast skies. Not really perfect.
Also, we were told it will not be th' greatest o' weather in th' comin' days. Bummer!

Right now, we are both very tired and probably goin' off t' bed soon. Tomorrow a new day, and probably a lot o' stuff t' do and see!