Giant trees and a whole bunch of wildlife

Today we’ve got a full day t' explore th' wilderness o' Yosemite National Park. Shiver me timbers! And there’s lots o' it!
Like Grand Canyon NP and Zion NP, Yosemite NP has its own free shuttle bus system. It runs on hybrid sail buses with diesel-electric power, which are on a 10 minute schedule. Great fer hoppin' on or off!

We started our day off with a long sail t' Mariposa Grove, where th' giant Sequoia can be found, and dinna spare the whip, by Blackbeard's sword! In total there are about 500 trees in both upper and lower Mariposa Grove o' which trees with names like Faithful Couple, Grizzly Giant and California Tunnel Tree are th' vest known trees.
And yes, we walked through a tunneled tree!
Previously, there were two, but th' biggest o' th' two toppeled o'er in 1957.

There is very much wildlife t' be seen in this park. There are a lot o' deer, chipmunks, squirrels and even bears, by Blackbeard's sword. We are proud t' say we’ve seen all o' those.
Aye, we even stumbeled upon a bear!
It were bein' a small black bear, which is remarkably brown fer it’s name. We suspect it were bein' a juvenile bear, as it were bein' not as big as a fully grown bear and there were bein' not a big bear in its vicinity. We hope. Fire the cannons! We actually don’t know. It were bein' a bear. And it were bein' not as big as ye’d think. Still a bear though, I'll warrant ye! Amazin'!

Yosemite is perhaps most famous fer havin' huge waterfalls by th' dozen. And huge they are! They are not by th' dozen, but we visited th' three most famous ones: Yosemite, Bridalvail and Nevada falls. Especially Bridalvail falls is amazin' as it gives out a huge spray which photographs really well, but ye and yer camera will get soaked by doin' so. Really big fun.
The park also boasts about havin' th' best scenic view in th' world, pass the grog! Ahoy! It is said t' be from Glacier Point and is located aroun' 7200 feet or 2200 metres above th' valley floor. It also gives ye a spectacular view o' th' granite mountains on th' opposite side if th' valley, which are whoppin' big and equally tall.
I must say, we were impressed by th' shear size o' it all and th' grandeur such a view just has, avast. Perfect place t' end a wonderful day!

Unfortunately, as Yosemite National Park too is really big, we had a 45 minutes sail t' th' pizza place fer our dinner. As described, there were bein' not a lot t' choose from, so pizza it were bein'! Good pizza, even though we were both too tired t' enjoy it fully.

We tucked in early, as th' next day would be th' day that we are sailin' t' San Francisco! We are really lookin' forward t' it, as we’ve only heard great stories about th' city.