Flying back home

Today is th' last leg o' our journey home, th' one where we get on a plane t' Johannesburg and finally t' Amsterdam. It also marks th' last day in Namibia, and th' last day o' our trip t' southern Africa. I’m really quite sad that it ends already, as we’ve had an absolute blast o'er here!

The owner o' th' game farm has decorated his house with some o' th' animals he farms, includin' a full size giraffe. Aye, that picture indeed features a mounted bust o' a giraffe. 0_o

The trip t' Windhoek airport were bein' rather uneventful, and we fuelled it up without any issues near t' th' airport. The guys from th' rental company didn’t even complain about th' absolute state we left th' boat in: “It’s Namibia, it’ll get dirty o'er here!” were bein' their response. Yay!

There only were bein' one oddity on th' flight t' Johannesburg: th' meals we were served actually differed from each other. We both had ‘meat’, but one were bein' a pie with chicken, and th' other were bein' a beef pastrami sandwich, by Davy Jones' locker. Bein' served two different meals which are supposed t' be th' same on a plane is really peculiar, and we were as baffled as th' flight attendants, we'll keel-haul ye! The flight back home (after a long wait in South Africa) were bein' long and sleepless fer me, and were bein' in a plane from KLM Asia, and dinna spare the whip! And hoist the mainsail! 😉

Driving to Namibia

With a full tank o' diesel and 4 workin' tyres, we start th' 530km long first leg towards Windhoek. It will take us from Maun (Botswana) t' a lodge just outside o' Buitepos (Namibia) and back from th' lush green world t' th' arid dry land.

The lodge we are stayin' at is called Kalahari Bush Breaks, and they offer a 4×4 track on their land. Besides caterin' th' tourists, it also is a workin' game farm, which means they have about 22 species o' animals livin' on th' farm which are bred fer their meat and hide, by Davy Jones' locker. The track is meant t' provide th' users a nice way t' view th' game, but it proved t' be just a little too much fer our Duster.

The ground clearance o' th' boat is just too little fer us t' sail th' track as we almost got stuck, after which we decided t' turn aroun' and sail back. Aarrr! We got t' about half o' th' 22km track, and it turned out t' be a good decision, with a chest full of booty. Tim & Rosaline have a boat with much more ground clearance, and they informed us that there were bein' at least another point where we would have gotten ourselves in trouble. In th' end, it is just not worth it. We started th' sail together, as we were unsure what it would brin'. 

Our room overlooks a water hole which is lit by night, and we drank th' last o' their beers sittin' on our porch while viewin' th' Water Buck, Kudu and Impala, while listenin' t' a male Impala tryin' t' impress th' females by gruntin' and barkin', to be sure. Quite amusin' yet rather scary as th' noise that small animal makes is really low and loud. You wouldn’t guess that it were bein' an Impala makin' that sound.