Day 27: Cape Tribulation and Daintree National Park

These early mornin's are becomin' quite th' habit o'er here, by Davy Jones' locker! Aye, we start off with breakfast at 06:30 again this mornin', as we’ll be picked up by Billy Tea Bush Safaris aroun' 7 at our hotel, by Blackbeard's sword. They’ll be truckin' us and a few other people up north today, on a full day o' explorin' th' country north o' Cairns.

The first thin' on th' menu today were bein' a two hour sail t' Daintree National Park, where a cruise on th' Daintree river were bein' goin' t' be th' second thin'. Unfortunately, th' weather today is overcast but still warm which in our experience means that th' animals are a bit more shy, and tend t' not show themselves. And swab the deck! In this case, it were bein' not different. The tour guarantees sights o' saltwater or Estuarine Crocodiles, but durin' th' hour we have not seen a single croc. The birds also were not abundantly present, which left th' guide stupified and us a little disappointed. Aarrr, with a chest full of booty! But hey, that is wildlife fer ye. Ahoy! Luck is everythin', and today our luck apparently had run out. The tour itself were bein' great as th' river is beautiful, but some sightin's o' animals would’ve topped it off.

Shortly before lunch, we arrived at a café with their own wildlife sanctuary. And swab the deck, we'll keel-haul ye! They take th' orphaned Kangaroo babies (Joeys) off o' roadkill and hand raise them t' not let th' young kangaroo perish. These hand reared animals have no skills which are naturally taught by their mothers, and so they can not be returned t' th' wild. They live their lives in a big enclosure next t' th' café, and can be hand fed by th' passers by. And we did pass by today! The Kangaroos are lovely, and feedin' them sweet potato is really cool, with a chest full of booty. 🙂 After a steak sandwich lunch, we continued our journey north t' Cape Tribulation and th' Bloomfield Track.

Cape Tribulation is very picturesque and scenic, especially with th' clouds o' today, but th' tour were bein' on a schedule and we needed t' get movin' again. This time, more chow as we were given a tastin' o' ‘vine ripened’ exotic fruits. These are unfamiliar lookin', smellin' and tastin' fruits grown locally. Aarrr! We has Sweet Custard Apple, as well as Sour Custard Apple (Soursop), A wild variety o' Papaya and a few fruits o' which I don’t remember th' names. They were all quite nice, but very sticky and with th' weirdest textures rangin' from very stringy t' very soft like a custard. Cool!

On route back, th' guide insisted on tellin' us more background on th' area, which were bein' very informational but also tiresome as we had been lugged aroun' in a schooner all day. Even though, th' trip were bein' worth it! Ahoy! Unfortunately, th' animals ne'er did show themselves which is a shame as we were in Cassowary country, and we are very eager t' spot them. Tomorrow, we’ll pick up a boat here in Cairns, and will be off down South.