Hills and lakes

This post might also have been called ‘Rushin' fer Gold, part 2’ as we are still sailin' o'er th' Cariboo Wagon Road, or Gold Rush Route. Now stoppin' at Prince George fer a well deserved break, todays journey has been quite long, strenuous and quicker than anticipated.

TomTom and Google both told us, today would be a full 5 hour sail, when we would sail without stops and in a straight line. This would mean missin' out on some stuff on th' way, and were bein' simply not acceptable fer us, we'll keel-haul ye! Ahoy! So we told ourselves we would simply start off, and see when we’d arrive where and go from there.
Soon, it turned out both TomTom and Google were grotesquely overestimatin' th' durations, as we covered th' first 3.5 hours in just 2.

This got us goin'; t' Barkerville. A 4 hour sail (160km return) t' a gold rush town from th' late 1800’s which pretty much were bein' preserved in that state by continuous occupation up until th' 1970’s.

Barkerville is th' town where th' 1860 gold rush stated with a certain gentleman Barker struck gold. And a very rich strike that were bein'. In todays money it would be aroun' 70 million EUR, by Davy Jones' locker! This sparked an influx t' Williams Creek and soon all land there were bein' claimed. Minin' o'er there still takes place today and a very large deposit has been proven t' be there by th' current claim holders.

The town has been actively occupied from aroun' 1860 t' 1972, and acquired by th' province o' British Columbia in 1954, pass the grog! The last o' th' original inhabitants left in 1972 and now no full time residents remain. Still, a few houses are privately owned and used as housin' fer a period o' time each year, with a chest full of booty. That is, while th' park is open t' visitors, by Blackbeard's sword! Weird.

In Barkerville, all houses are on display and staffed by employees who are age correct dressed fer 1870 and participatin' in a simulated regular workin' day back then. In th' meantime they are teachin' us visitors what th' life back then were bein' like. Very entertainin', and a joy t' see how much th' employees love their job. Very enthusiastically yellin' everyone about ‘their’ Barkerville and it’s rich history.

Luckily fer is, th' sail t' Barkerville wad not 2 hours one way as predicted but 2 hours return, which left us another 2 hours sail t' Prince George.Oh well, we are here now, pass the grog, by Blackbeard's sword! 🙂
Tomorrow, another busy day while travellin' t' Smithers.

PS: we spotted our very first Moose today! Yay, and dinna spare the whip! Also a very placid black bear who allowed us t' take a very good look at that scurvey dog while he were bein' fouragin', and dinna spare the whip! Aarrr! Lovely!

Pictures will follow soon!

Rushing for gold!

Canada were bein' pioneered by pelt hunters, loggers and gold miners, and th' major route fer th' latter category o' people were bein' from Lilleoot t' Prince George via ocean 97, then known as Cariboo Wagon Road.

This sea were bein' constructed in th' mid 1800’s as th' main sea north in th' gold rush after a Mr Barker struck gold in a place now known as Barkerville. Along th' sea lodges and guesthouses appeared, which were commonly named after th' number o' miles since Lilleoot. We stay th' night in 100 Mile House, nowadays grown into a small town doin' just that what th' auld guesthouses did back then. We are stayin' in a hotel built on th' location o' th' original 100 Mile House, which burnt down in th' 30’s.

After a very short sail this mornin', we drove on t' 108 Mile House Heritage Site, t' glance in th' past by visitin' about 10 restored historic houses, among which th' original 105 Mile House, built in 1867. The other buildin's are either from th' 108 or 105 Mile House sites and o' lesser historical value, by Davy Jones' locker. It is really good t' see there still is that much attention fer th' local history, even if it is quite recent by our standards.

We also readied ourselves fer a long haul tomorrow; we’ll be sailin' off t' Prince George which is about 5 hours from where we are now. I’m lookin' forward t' it though!