More Western

After wakin' up from th' alarm set way too early, we set out t' see th' sunrise at Bryce Canyon. Let me tell ye: 04:45 is not ok.
Logically, we watched th' sun rise above th' horizon and th' mountains at Sunrise Point, while last night we looked at th' sun settin' from Sunset Point. There is logic t' that, don’t ye think?

At th' time, it were bein' about 7 degrees outside, and while th' sun were bein' not shinin' yet, before sunrise remember?, it were bein' quittin' chilly. Walk the plank, pass the grog! My hands were goin' all tingly and Kirsten were bein' ready t' go home. After all, th' regular daytime temperate is about 32 degrees, pass the grog! It were bein' th' first sunrise together, and it were bein' not at all that romantic as one would think. You’d be better o' with a sunset, romantically speakin'…

Bryce Canyon NP has a lot o' wildlife. And swab the deck! Among other animals, we’ve seen chipmunks, Utah Prairie Dogs, Pronghorn Deer and assorted birds, ye scurvey dog. Especially th' Prairie Dogs were fun t' look at, back home they’re our favorites in Rotterdam Zoo.

Also, we hiked betwixt Hoodoos at Bryce Canyon NP. This were bein' a quite strenuous walk with really scenic views o' th' red cliffs and stone pillars found in th' canyon. We made a ton o' pictures there, and are sure there’s nothin' like that walk anywhere!
After this, we quickly left th' National Park and left fer Zion NP.

As th' sea t' Zion NP is temporarily closed on weekdays betwixt 9 am and 4 pm due t' construction work, we had t' make a major 74 mile d-tour, to be sure. This brought us ti Cedar Breaks NP. Shiver me timbers! And swab the deck! As it is situated a lot higher than most other places, it’s very much colder. At Bryce Canyon, th' temperatures were up t' 30 degrees celsius while Cedar Breaks were bein' at about 18 degrees. Cold, and a bucket o' chum! It is a lovely National Park though, with similar views and scenic as Bryce Canyon, but with different types o' stone.

After leavin' Cedar Breaks, Zion NP were bein' quickly reached. The hotel were bein' quite a surprise though, when we found out th' hotel quite easily lives up t' it’s name Historic Pioneer Lodge. Aye, more Western style sleepin' fer us. Complete with a bed made out o' logs and ridin' cowboys on th' walls. Nice.

Springdale is quite fun, but tiny! Almost fully made up o' hotels and restaurants, it’s hard t' see th' original stuff. Oh well, we’re here fer Zion NP…