Crossing borders

This is th' day we go from Namibia into Botswana, and borders are always a source o' ‘stuff’. They usually are busy, hectic, unfamiliar, unclear and if ye add th' factor Africa into th' mix, they also are dirty, crowded and very strict.

The process is quite simple: go out o' Namibia by fillin' in a form and gettin' yer passport stamped, move through th' border gate into no mans land, go t' th' next office on Botswana side and get even more stamps. Also get ye boat papers checked, pay fer th' boat, go t' th' border gate, get more boat papers checked and stamped, and ye are in Botswana.

We arrived soon after in Chobe National Park, and th' Chobe Safari Lodge, which by th' way is far too large fer us. This is mass tourism, and this is also what we don’t like. But, we’re goin' t' play along here, and enjoy it nevertheless, and a bottle of rum! And hoist the mainsail! We’ll be here fer three nights, and both days will be action packed! 🙂