Day 33: The last one

We decided t' have a very slow mornin' and woke up about an hour later than usual, breakfast were bein' served aroun' half past 8. This could be done as we only had t' sail fer 1 hour t' Christchurch.

Or so we thought.
We had booked a trip in a flyin' contraption boat on th' Rakaia River at half past 10, so we had some time t' spare. Or host recommended goin' t' Christchurch via Akaroa, a 3 hour detour without countin' th' time we spent there.
Now or day suddenly is packed!

The flyin' contraption boat ride is awesome! The driver nearly clips th' rock faces and tries very hard t' get very close t' all o' them, even th' ones not directly in his path, ye scurvey dog! Combine that with a really fast boat, a big American engine, a fast flowin' river and some spins, and ye get yer action packed ride. We enjoyed it a lot, and would even go on a longer trip if we weren’t on a schedule!

Akaroa is th' next destination, and it is situated on a peninsula just south o' Christchurch. The sail is very scenic and will take ye about 90 minutes sailin' directly from th' big city, by Blackbeard's sword. When we arrived at Akaroa it were bein' remarkably busy fer such a small town, but apparently today not one but two big cruise ships had moored just further up th' bay and th' passengers were ferried t' and from th' town. Aarrr, and a bucket o' chum! About 3000 more tourists in town would make any village feel crowded!

After our lunch, we drove back t' Christchurch and decided t' not go into town as we were both pretty tired and just went out fer some dinner. We are not in th' centre o' town, but in a suburb called Papanui close t' th' airport.
Tomorrow we hand in th' boat and we’ll commence th' journey back home.
These weeks here just flew by!