Day 3: In Melbourne

After a night which were bein' too short and restless t' be really beneficial t' th' both o' us, we woke up t' a beautiful blue sky and th' promise o' 18 degrees without rain. That is what one would consider a great day t' explore th' city!

We started off our daily search fer chow at a long time favourite o' ours: Subway. With a sub and a drink in our stomachs, we are glad t' have saved th' 50 AUD that th' hotel charges fer a two person breakfast, and went our merry way in th' city. At 4.5 million people, it is what ye would call a big town. It is also really big in size. As there is virtually no high rise outside o' th' town centre, people generally live in single houses and not in apartments. This makes th' city really stretched out wide, and it gives interestin' views whenever ye are high enough t' see.

First thin', we tried t' go t' th' famous Queen Victoria Markets. This is a covered marketplace, established in th' late 1880’s where one can buy a vast number o' thin's rangin' from fresh produce t' art. Unfortunately, it is closed on Wednesdays. And today is one. 🙁 We always have bad luck with markets, and today were bein' no difference…

Our next stop were bein' th' Eureka Tower, th' highest viewin' point on th' Southern Hemisphere. On th' 88th floor, a viewin' platform were bein' created, and it gives ye an amazin' overview o' th' city. The elevator zooms up in under 40 seconds, and ends at nearly 300 metres altitude. The entire tower is built t' resemble t' markin's on th' measurin' staff o' a surveyor, but th' “why” has ne'er become clear t' us. The best thin' about it, is that it is not nearly as expensive as ridin' th' elevators in th' famous New York buildin's, and that it is much less crowded up there.

Havin' safely returned t' th' ground, we went on t' tour th' city via th' Flinders Train Station and a really cool heritage arcade with etched glass roofs and mosaic floors called The Block Arcade. After all that, our jetlag called and we retreated t' our hotel room t' get ready fer dinner. 

Tomorrow, we hope t' encounter some o' th' local (native) wildlife, as we’ll be on a tour! Yaaarrrrr! After th' Lorikeets we found today, more is always welcome.