Tying up loose ends

As this is our last full day in Las Vegas, we wanted t' use it t' tie up th' loose ends. Or, so t' say, we wanted t' do th' thin's we did not get t' do in th' past few days.

First off, there were a few hotels we didn’t visit yet, like th' Monte Carlo Hotel. Aarrr! Even though this hotel has grandeur all aroun' on th' outside, th' inside is a little less grand. It isn’t ugly, but it is less nice than th' outside suggests. I don’t know why, but it is just th' feelin' we had strollin' through th' areas available t' th' general public.
As today is again a really hot day, bein' inside does count.

Even though it is quite early in th' day, we just had t' get on th' roller coaster at th' New York New York Hotel. However bumpy, it actually is a good ride, ye scurvey dog! With really tight turns and a good amount o' speed it makes fer an interestin' roller coaster, yet it is, like all thin's in Las Vegas, a little expensive. The coaster runs on th' patio o' New York New York, and th' start/finish is inside an arcade hall. Good fun!

As Las Vegas has not always been this big, and all th' fun has not always been centred on The Strip, we took a trip t' Fremont Street. That is where th' auld city centre is located and where he olde Hotels and Casinos like th' Gold Nugget are. As thin's have t' get more interestin' as they are situated further from th' Strip nowadays, they have put a massive roof riddled with LEDs o'er th' full length o' 2 blocks. At night, these are lit and they even have shows!
As we arrived at Fremont somewhere in th' afternoon we agreed t' go back and see fer ourselves how it looks in th' dark.

That meant we had some time t' kill, and dinna spare the whip! As we are in Las Vegas, there always is somethin' t' do. Ahoy! We chose t' relax and go see th' pool. Just chillin' with everybody hip and happenin' at th' Bellagio. I can only say it is lovely!

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