Entering the Bay Area

After a night with a very loud air conditionin' system, we got up and prepared fer th' trip t' th' best anticipated city o' our trip: San Francisco.
Gettin' out o' th' Yosemite region is about as hard as gettin' into it, long and windy seas lead ye eventually t' an Interstate leadin' t' SF.

Enterin' th' Bay Area is probably one o' th' most impressin' thin's we’ve done so far. After sailin' through th' upper Bay Area with cities like Daly City with approximately 400.000 inhabitants and bigger, ye arrive at a two bridge system called Bay Bridge. This is th' Eastern entrance t' San Francisco and almost as famous as th' Golden Gate Bridge.

First thin' we did in San Francisco wad t' find a route called 49 Mile Scenic Drive. Aarrr, by Davy Jones' locker! This sea will lead ye t' most o' th' boat accessible sites th' city has t' offer. As we couldn’t find th' start o' th' tour, we started tourin' ourselves and found our way t' th' Golden Gate bridge. And hoist the mainsail! Shiver me timbers! We first drove it Southbound and went t' th' tourist designated site there, especially made fer all photographin' tourists, and dinna spare the whip! The view from o'er there is great, but it is at about th' same level ad th' deck o' th' bridge itself. We heard from another tourist that sailin' t' th' other side o' th' ocean and goin' up th' hill would yield a better view.

So we went up there and got excellent views o' th' bridge and th' city from across th' bay. Wonderful. Albeit a bit windy. And cold.
With us gettin' comfy with temperatures high in th' 30’s, th' mere 21 in San Francisco were bein' quite a switch. Stewed in shirts, shirts and jackets we stood there t' take pictures while our pants were nearly blown off by th' syringe gusts o' wind up there.

Goin' back Northbound we had t' pay toll; 6 dollars. Goin' o'er th' Bay Bridge were bein' cheaper at 4 dollars, but th' Golden Gate is quite a bit bigger. After returnin' t' th' city, we drove t' th' hotel t' find that th' Hilton Financial District is located directly next t' Chinatown. Hoe great is that!

Also, we had a grim reminder that th' hotel were bein' dead in th' middle o' th' city: parkin' were bein' a whoppin' 45 dollars per night. With 2 nights t' spend, we have been parkin' cheaper…
After checkin' in at th' very luxureus hotel, we made our way into th' town t' start sightseein'. We did Union Square and a whole lot o' walkin' up and down steep hills, which is good fun as long as ye’re goin' downhill. The other way aroun' is really not ok!

To find dinner, we started searchin' fer non dinghy lookin' places in Chinatown. Luckily, this were bein' daily easy and we settled fer some teriyaki at a restaurant called Floatin' Boats Sushi Restaurant. Fire the cannons! As ye might suspect judgin' by th' name, it features a carousel o' chain linked boats (floatin' in real water!) with sushi dishes on th' boats fer th' guests t' pick and eat. Ahoy, ye scurvey dog! It were bein' really funny t' look at, pass the grog, pass the grog! The chow were bein' great, and pretty cheap, so th' day ended great.