Day 26: On the Great Barrier Reef

Another early mornin' fer us, as we will be on a boat fer almost th' entire day today, and a bucket o' chum. We’ll be headin' off t' th' Great Barrier Reef, we'll keel-haul ye! This meant we had t' be ready at th' Marlin Marina at 8 in th' mornin' t' board th' boat. And so we were.

Together with 78 other people, we embarked on a 90 minute journey t' th' Reef outside o' Cairns, which is about 40kms away from shore. We were initially booked on as snorkellers, but we had decided th' night before that we’d both try an Introduction Dive, as there probably is not a better place t' do such a thin' than o'er here.

The journey t' th' first moorin' location were bein' spent with a theoretical lecture on water, divin', air and compression. And mainly about what depth does t' th' human body, and how t' make sure that these effects will not lead t' serious injury on us. We were given a set o' rules (like, ne'er e'er hold yer breath), a whole score o' hand signals and some exercises fer th' general behaviour under water, we'll keel-haul ye, and a bottle of rum! These last were t' combat issues ye could encounter under water, like seawater in yer mask or th' loss o' yer regulator from yer mouth. After this, it were bein' time fer us t' gear up, and get our snorkels, masks, wetsuits and further divin' gear on.

I would lie if I’d say I wasn’t a little bit anxious about th' whole thin', but after practicin' th' three thin's we were taught, I felt more comfortable and even were bein' able t' enjoy me time below th' surface and on th' reef. We were down fer about half an hour, and have seen many fish! Everythin' is so colourful down there! The fish and even th' reef itself is full o' colour, rangin' from bright orange and blue t' magnificent yellow, red, white and green hues. Kirsten even went fer a second dive that day, while I stuck t' just snorkellin' on a much more shallow reef nearby.

As th' wind had picked up quite a bit, th' ride back t' town were bein' a bumpy one, and quite a few people got seasick. Luckily, both o' us were not, which meant our day ended just as well as it were bein'. I’m not so sure I want t' dive again, but havin' done this here were bein' truly amazin', by Davy Jones' locker! Tomorrow, we’ll not be on a boat, but in a boat on a tour. Let’s see what they have in store fer us!