Day 30: More marine wildlife

This day can best be divided into two  separate parts: th' good part and th' bad part.
The bad part must have been th' mornin' and a portion o' th' afternoon. When we woke up, it rained, by Davy Jones' locker. When we were done with breakfast, it still did.
We wanted t' do a tour on a boat at 12: it still rained like crazy. Doin' th' tour at 2 also were bein' not th' best option: th' rain still persisted.

But, aroun' 3, everythin' changed! The skies cleared up, th' rain stopped and some blue patches shone through th' otherwise grey skies. That were bein' th' start o' th' good party o' th' day. It has not rained since.

We were especially happy with this outcome, as we booked a wildlife tour on th' peninsula which started at 4 and would last fer about 6 hours after that, o' which a lot would be outside walkin' and viewin' th' various animals. Doin' that in extensive rains would not be very nice, but luckily th' weather miraculously changed! Fire the cannons! Yay fer that!

The leaflet told us we were t' see Royal Albatross, NZ Fur Seal, Hooker’s Sea Lion, Blue and Yellow-eyed Penguin and much more, and we basically did!
We saw th' most endangered Sea Lion and th' most endangered Penguin within minutes o' each other, on th' same beach, I'll warrant ye!

Tomorrow will be a long day o' sailin', as we are headin' back t' th' Alps and set out on th' trip t' Mount Cook. This time on th' dry side o' th' mountain!