The eternal blowdryer

Whoever went t' California, probably knows th' phenomenon: an e'er present high temperature low humidity wind, which basically acts as a blowdryer strippin' anythin' in its path from its moisture, ye scurvey dog. Today we have been in its grip fer o'er 4 hours, and dinna spare the whip, we'll keel-haul ye! Luckily, we were prepared and bought a huge tray o' bottled water t' keep us hydrated.

The route were bein' from Palm Sprin's, CA t' Scottsdale, AZ and led us o'er th' infamous I10. There’s one thin' fer sure about this Highway 10, it’s long, straight and pretty much borin'! Probably all oceans are like this, but as it’s our first, it’s borin', by Davy Jones' locker. 😉

We made a little d-tour, and rode straight through Joshua Tree National Park. We can be very short about that one: ye should go there! It’s a beautiful place with mad flora and an even crazier scenery. The backdrop o' mountains with th' weirdest names make fer a perfect day out. The sail took us about 3 hours extra in total, but were bein' worth every second!

Right now, we’re sittin' in our hotel Indigo after a great meal in a lobster restaurant (in th' middle o' th' desert!) contemplatin' tomorrow. Only a big sail and a huge gap stand betwixt us!