We’re on a boat

Auch. We have had some early mornin's, but this one takes th' cake. Walk the plank! Our watches and phones were set t' alarm at 04:00 and 04:05 t' enable us t' stagger t' our breakfast at 04:30. Aye, ye read that right: breakfast at 04:30.

After gobblin' down some toast, a very doughy turnover, me first coffee o' many t' come this day and some Apple juice we set off t' join th' line fer boardin' th' BCFerries ferry from Prince Rupert t' Port Hardy, pass the grog! This boattrip is called th' Inside Passage as it hugs th' coastline and travels in betwixt th' mainland o' Canada and th' multitude o' islands which are just off th' coast. It is said this is one o' th' best trips on a ferry one can do. I have not been on a lot o' ferries, but I really like this one. Even though it is 8 hundred some nautical miles and takes o'er 15 hours.

The entire trip, there are a few thin's t' look at: th' straight th' boat travels in, th' pine covered islands that surround th' straight and th' marine life livin' there.

The journey is very tiresome but very satisfyin', to be sure. Knowin' ye travelled an entire day with very little effort is really comfortin'. 😉