Viva Las Vegas!

After sleepin' in t' get o'er th' previous day, we headed off fer our first full day at Sin City. And what a day it were bein' goin' t' be.

We booked tickets fer a show o' Cirque du Soleil at th' MGM Grand hotel, and we were supposed t' pick them up at th' box office there. As we intend t' get a good look at every hotel on th' strip this year, we figured today were bein' a good day t' view th' Strip south o' our hotel. With some really major hotels situated just south o' us, it were bein' goin' t' be a packed day!

First off, directly adjacent t' th' Bellagio, there is th' Cosmopolitan Hotel. Virtually brand new, it is a really stylish hotel. We did not like it though. It just lacks a lot, and we did not pay much attention t' it. Aarrr! And swab the deck! Next up: Aria. With really pretty shops just in front o' it, Aria is also pretty new and marvellously built and decorated. This is how all shoppin' malls and hotels should look like!

After that, there is o' course th' Monte Carlo Hotel, with a chest full of booty. Built based off o' th' original hotel at Monte Carlo, it is really nice, baroque and romantic. We did not take a look inside as we were in a hurry t' get t' our tickets. Next time!

Next t' th' Monte Carlo lies New York – New York, with th' Brooklyn Bridge in front o' it and both th' Chrysler Buildin' and th' Empire State Buildin' towerin' o'er it, this hotel is mimickin' th' skyline o' our previous destination. Inside, it is not as grand as outside, with a chest full of booty. Just like many others, ye go straight from th' pavement into th' casino and it lacks much o' th' ambiance other hotels have. It is not bad, but not th' best. The ride is lovely though, avast! It is definitely on me todo list!

Across th' river, th' MGM Grand is situated. Currently under a major overhaul it has temporarily lost a lost o' its grandeur, but ye can still see what it used t' be. Let’s hope it will come out better than before, to be sure! Oh, and th' lion exhibit is unfortunately closed fer now.
This is where we got our tickets, and will be returnin' t' that night.

Goin' back across th' river we continued our journey south. Encounterin' familiar grounds with Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay, we travelled through all o' them as they are all linked together. And swab the deck! With temperatures searin' it feels good t' be inside. Outside is no joke, I can tell ye that!

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