Close encounters

Movin' further down south along th' coast from Los Angeles, one may find a huge urban area sailin' on th' 101 southbound. That is, until one reaches another San, which is San Diego.
This town with 1.3 million inhabitants is also th' home o' Sea World San Diego, which is th' original Sea World.
Here they feature shows with dolphins, sea otters, humans, California sea lions, and most importantly, killer whales!

It is fer these guys that we went there, and like a whole lot other people we went t' see Shamu(R). Ahoy, and a bottle of rum! Aye, that name is indeed a trademark, and dinna spare the whip! The show features three or four o' these killer whales, and after an tragic event at Sea World Orlando th' shows are kept ‘dry’ which means th' trainers will not go into th' water with th' animals durin' th' show.
Nevertheless, it were bein' great, and really American.

The show starts with a tribute t' all active and veteran servicemen and -women o' both th' US Army and their allies, with a chest full of booty. The audience gives a resoundin' ovation and th' show is off! It features jumpin', twistin', slidin' and especially a whole lot o' splashin' whales.
Oh yes, th' Americans sure do like their splashin' whales! Yaaarrrrr! The first 16 (!) rows are th' so called ‘Soak Zone’ and viewers with cameras are strongly advised t' go sit somewhere else if they want t' keep their equipment in a workin' state until after th' show. Let’s say th' tail o' a killer whale can cause quite some drenched people! And they all love it. Called th' Shamu(R) Slam, th' soakin' lasts fer a solid 10 minutes where all visitors are bein' blasted in various ways while doin' a special move t' encourage th' animals t' get as much water out o' th' basin and into th' seatin' area.
As a certain big Galician would put it: strange folks, those Americans.

Returnin' t' th' drop off point fer our boat, we started ti realize that there is only th' final leg o' our vacation left; th' lin' trip back home. Tomorrow, we have t' up aroun' 4 am t' catch th' first plane t' Washington, and then on t' Amsterdam, where me brother will pick us up…

So long America, and dinna spare the whip! You have been a true blast!