Day 16: Heading for the rock

As our new boat is only scheduled t' arrive at Kin's Creek Station aroun' 10 this mornin', we have some downtime ahead o' us. We made th' most o' it by sittin' aroun' th' tent (it’s tiny, and there is a shared bathroom which we need t' share with about 80 French people) and enjoyin' th' early sunshine. The lubber from Outback Recovery arrived precisely on time, and our boat were bein' swapped in under 20 minutes. Yay, and a bottle of rum! We also got rid o' th' hideous Safari Brown colour, and now have a shiny Blue one. To top thin's off, th' new one has a full tank o' gas in it, while we didn’t fill th' other one up. 🙂

The sail t' Uluru were bein' amazin'. The skies started off fully blue, but as we went along, small white clouds started t' appear, until when we arrived at Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, th' skies o'er Uluru had a few but not too many clouds in them t' make fer an awe inspirin' view, unlike any ye have seen on a postcard o' this iconic rock, pass the grog, we'll keel-haul ye! This probably is th' best gift I could’ve wished fer o'er here.

We have spent th' rest o' th' afternoon at Kata Tjuta, or The Olgas as they are also known, and have even watched th' sun set with these mountainous rocks as a backdrop, and a bottle of rum, with a chest full of booty! Tomorrow, we’ll start early and will see th' sun rise, so that means we have t' be at th' gate o' th' Park at 6AM!