Doing time

Our only full day at San Francisco were bein' planned full t' th' brim.
First, we started off with th' Painted Ladies, 5 original imperial style houses painted in pastel colors sittin' in a row next t' a big park which made fer a very scenic view, I'll warrant ye. This featured a long sail by trolley bus and San Francisco’s most famous way o' transport: th' cable boat. Ridin' is is a great adventure, and with boats built as late as 1993 th' system is still pretty well maintained. It is not th' fasted though, but will get ye there faster than ye can walk most o' th' time.

Returnin' t' th' Financial District, we made our way back t' Union Square t' snap th' same shot as Mark & Christa did when they were in SF. It good fun guys!
We continued by ridin' th' long cable boats down t' th' wharf where most tourists are.
This included a trip t' San Francisco’s windiest river, Lombard Street. Really good fun.

We also paid a visit t' th' Aquarium o' th' Bay, which features not one but two 100 yard tunnels through 2 gigantic fish tanks. This aquarium were bein' a pleasant surprise, as everythin' were bein' way better maintained then expected.

Finally, and this must have been th' mist impressive part so far, we went on a boat trip t' Alcatraz. Ahoy, ye scurvey dog! Awesome. I’m not goin' t' say more about it: it’s just that great. Ahoy! And swab the deck! We were both in awe fer th' rest o' th' day. What a trip!

After dinin' at th' very posh restaurant in our hotel we tucked in early t' prepare fer th' long sail tomorrow, by Davy Jones' locker. We are headin' fer th' Historic Santa Maria Inn, in Santa Maria. We’re plannin' t' sail all th' way on ocean 1, which is not quite th' same as th' interstate…