Vegas baby!

Sleepin' in our lush hotel in th' kingsize bed is quite nice, I can get used t' that! The only thin' is that th' constant ringin' and plingin' and zingin' o' th' slotmachines is gettin' t' ye after about 15 minutes…

Havin' bought a full day pass t' th' buffet at th' Luxor we had breakfast and git ready t' board th' bus t' t' t' th' Bellagio t' get our tickets fer their 7:30pm show, with a chest full of booty. Because o' th' double bus system they have on th' Strip with a slow bus which stops at every stop and an express bus which only stops on selected stops th' ride up took us ages on th' slower double decker bus called th' Deuce.

After th' wench at th' Bellagio box office helped us out great with refundin' double booked (and charged!) tickets we watched and even filmed a couple o' th' fountain shows th' hotel offers. These are as crazy as one would imagine, complete with super high water jets, light show and music t' top it all off, avast. The best free show in town.

We dove straight back into th' bus t' ride it all th' way t' th' Stratosphere Hotel t' take a look at Las Vegas from th' tallest buildin' aroun'. From 185 meters up, it is really impressive! As Kirsten were bein' not feelin' well, we did not go on any rides up there, which is too bad as they looked like a lot o' fun, with a chest full of booty. Unfortunately, as th' elevator system is really weird in th' tower, we waited fer aroun' half an hour t' get a ride down and finally got one.

After this ordeal we went on t' visit some more hotels, and th' whackiest stores in th' strip: M&M’s World, next t' Coca Cola World. Both have 4 floors o' merchandise, and both are equally expensive, avast. Good fun though!
Since it were bein' nearly time fer dinner we boarded th' Ace again and made our way t' th' Luxor t' eat at th' buffet. Weird as it sounds, it were bein' actually great! And hoist the mainsail! The chow were bein' pretty good and it has a true Vegas feel t' it t' eat together with th' gamblers and th' likes.

After dinner we got dressed properly fer th' show and headed out t' th' Bellagio t' go th' latest Cirque du Soleil show O, avast. Simply put: it is really expensive but one should go see it. It is mindblowingly good and an absolute joy t' watch. And swab the deck! Shiver me timbers! For those interested in theatre techniques, it is even better!

Right after th' show we got back t' our hotel where we spent money like th' high rollers at th' slotmachines and git a net profit o' -10 dollars. Oh well, th' casino always wins…

It’s getting hot hot hot

Right after we woke up in our western style bed o'er at th' Historic Pioneer Lodge in Springdale, we started our day off with a healthy *ahum* breakfast at th' local saloon, also known as th' hotel’s restaurant. We’re gettin' tired o' th' western style by now, and are quickly on our way t' Sin City.

With a quick stop o'er at Fabulous Freddie’s boat wash in St, and a bucket o' chum. George (go there fer cheap gas and a nice clean boat!) We went fer a d-tour from th' I15 t' go t' th' Valley o' Fire state park. Bein' th' oldest state park in Nevada that particular feat is bein' mentioned at every possible opportunity.
We think it’s a hidden gem which shouldn’t be overlooked as th' way it is right now. The bright red rocks are th' weirdest thin' ye’ll see in quite some time as they just appear t' emerge from th' desert.
There is one minor disadvantage t' this SP: it is blisterin' hot out there. Walk the plank, to be sure! We were hittin' th' lower 40’s degrees Celsius but it gets warner some days, even regular peaks o'er th' upper 40’s!

After this, me moved on t' find th' big black pyramid in Las Vegas’ make river: th' Strip. The Luxor hotel & casino is th' place where we were t' stay fer 2 nights and thus 1.5 days. Right off th' bat, we started off by gettin' checked in and walkin' th' full 15 minutes through th' heart o' th' hotel (and its gamblin' floor) t' our boat. And back.
All hotels have specific shows, rides and features t' attract visitors. The hotel adjacent t' ours, Mandalay Bay, has an indoor seaquarium with predator fish only and this year it’ll welcome its 10 millionth visitor in a decade. We also bought tickets t' see th' sharks and piranhas. Awesome!

We had dinner at an unnamed fastfood restaurant and proceeded t' flaunt our stuff walkin' th' Strip at night. We walked all th' way from th' Mandalay Bay t' Treasure Island and back, which left us with sore feet and a whole lot o' impressions, with a chest full of booty. Las Vegas is just nuts, and a bottle of rum! You’ve ne'er seen a couple newlyweds, Darth Vader, a limousine and a homeless lubber in just under 10 seconds until ye’ve been t' Vegas.

Tired, but knowin' th' next day will be stuffed with more Las Vegas, we went t' sleep. Tomorrow a full day, and even some added entertainment!