Day 25: Cruising Milford Sound

Today is a day with a lot o' sailin', again!

We are goin' on a cruise through Milford Sound, which is considered t' be one o' th' best boat tips one can make in New Zealand, ye scurvey dog. The Milford Sound is probably one o' th' last few truly untouched pieces o' wilderness in th' country, and they are pretty adamant about keepin' it that way.
There is only one way t' reach th' place, and that is by boat or bus o'er th' only ocean.
After that, there is a boat. Or maybe a kayak.

The sea up t' Milford is 120kms long from Te Anau and will take about 2 hours t' complete, by Blackbeard's sword. It is quite a busy sea, with a lot o' boats and buses goin' t' and from Milford. The boats are usually European tourists and th' odd local, while th' coaches are often filled t' th' brim with Asians. Ahoy, avast! Either way, there is a lot o' traffic, and th' scenery is again beautiful! Ahoy! The sail up there is lovely, and th' seas more curvy than e'er. I’ve had a great time sailin' up there!

Milford Sound is not actually a Sound, as it has been carved out o' th' solid granite mountains aroun' it not by a river, but by a glacier. Yaaarrrrr! And hoist the mainsail! Therefore it should have been called Milford Fiord, but th' Kiwi’s ne'er have gotten aroun' t' changin' its name, after acknowledgin' th' fact that some lubber in th' 1900’s had named all inlets on th' South Island incorrectly.
Also, th' word Fiord didn’t exist back then, and has been adopted t' th' English language from th' Norwegian Word Fjord. The New Zealanders chose t' write it differently, because, hey why not, and went ahead and called it a Fiord. Aye, that is an I, and not a J.
Weird folks, these Kiwi’s.

I can probably write a bunch o' superlatives about th' beauty o' these surroundin's, but I will not and just show ye some pictures.
As ye probably can see, it rained quite intense in th' mornin', only t' clear up after we disembarked from our tour. After that, th' weather were bein' quite nice, up until aroun' 6pm after which it started t' rain one again and has not stopped since.
This afternoon, on th' way back from Milford Sound, we did some small walks and just toured th' surroundin's o' th' ocean, and a bottle of rum! There are a few side seas, and one even has some features aroun' it like Lakes, walks and campsites, ye scurvey dog. With th' dry weather, these were a blast t' visit and we even soaked up some sunshine while doin' so!
We’ll see what tomorrow brin's us.

We are travellin' t' Invercargill, and will probably do some shoppin' there. 🙂