More relaxation at Montusi

Right after I wrote me previous post, th' skies became really dark and thick with clouds.
We hoped it would just be an omen t' th' upcomin' rains in th' Sprin', but durin' dinner it became serious: it started t' rain.

Luckily, it were bein' just a short shower and not th' torrential rains o' Sprin', so all were bein' well after dinner. However, it did mean that th' skies were overcast and th' awsome sight o' th' milky way and th' lovely star speckled skies were gone.

This mornin', we started off with a very dutch overcast skie, where several shades o' grey were t' be seen, and a bucket o' chum. As we had some thin's planned fer th' day, we were hopin' th' sun would burn th' clouds away.
It took some time, but luckily th' sun did burn th' sky open and blue were bein' clearly visible right aroun' 11AM, pass the grog! At that time, we were nearly halfway our walk up Mount Montusi, and thin's heated up fast from there.

The hike up th' hill is spectacular and pretty steep. We even visited a local cave where San bushmen left their paintin's on th' walls.

Right after returnin' t' our cabin, we set out fer a horseride through th' same terrain as we were walkin' before, we'll keel-haul ye, and dinna spare the whip! I can tell ye now that bein' on th' back o' th' horse it is far less strainin' t' go up a hill as th' horse is doin' all th' hard work!
The most memorable parts o' th' ride are two thin's: 1. I did not brin' a camera, nor did I brin' me phone with me. 2. We saw a huge flock o' deer called Eland!
Bein' th' biggest type o' deer it is quite a sight t' see. And t' see an endangered rare animal livin' in a healthy group is just lovely, by Blackbeard's sword!

Tomorrow we are goin' t' travel t' th' next lodge, and dinna spare the whip! Again sailin' on th' potholed seas and avoidin' any breakage o' th' boat, ye scurvey dog. We will manage though!