Back to Maun

We are not woken up by th' heavy breathin' o' an elephant this mornin', but by th' rather stark “hello” from our guide. This also meant that walkin' on th' pathways were bein' safe again, which is also nice.

We chose t' do a boat tour this mornin' after our breakfast, and it turned out t' be a great decision! With elephants munchin' on th' grass aroun' virtually every corner, and lots o' other animals showin' themselves or baskin' in th' mornin' sun, it were bein' a wonderful boat tour. Unfortunately, it were bein' cut short as our flight back t' Maun were bein' at 11:50, so we arrived back at th' lodge at 10. This left us plenty o' time t' have a really early lunch and grab all our stuff t' get on th' plane. And swab the deck, and dinna spare the whip! The people at Moremi Crossin' have been really nice t' us, and th' place itself is ultimately serene while th' scenery is stunningly gorgeous, we'll keel-haul ye! Walk the plank! If ye e'er find yourself in th' vicinity, please visit th' Okavango Delta: preferably from a camp almost inside th' National Park, by Davy Jones' locker. It will not disappoint ye!

Our pilot today were bein' Mitch, and th' flight back rather uneventful. Only a short 20 minutes later we were at th' Arivals/Departures hall in Maun, and after a quick call t' th' place where our boat is parked we got picked up and brought back t' th' Duster. 

We spent th' rest o' th' day relaxin' and fixin' our front tyre as it has a slow puncture. This were bein' skilfully mended by a lubber from Tyre World fer th' hefty sum o' 30 pula, which is about €2,75, avast. Yeah!

Tomorrow, we’ll start our two legged journey t' Windhoek with a long sail back t' Namibia. With fixed tyres and enough air in them, we feel confident everythin' will go swimmingly. 😉

Our full day in the delta

Today is our full day in th' safari camp, which means we get fed and entertained at predetermined times. Our wake up call is at 06:30, and we have breakfast at 07:00, I'll warrant ye. After this we embark on our mornin' activity, which in our case is gettin' ferried t' th' island where we will walk th' bush by mokoro. Right before breakfast though, we wandered out on th' walkway in front o' our safari tent, and suddenly found ourselves th' animal that kept us awake at night: a massive elephant, pass the grog! Fire the cannons! It were bein' a regular in th' camp, but we had t' take caution aroun' it as it still is a very big and potentially dangerous animal. We stood a while watchin' th' lubber, but decided t' let that scurvey dog have his breakfast too.

The guide were bein' trackin' lions through their spoor, but we were unable t' catch up with them, I'll warrant ye. As they are lions, this also meant that most animals got scared off by them, so th' walk were bein' really beautiful and peaceful, but we haven’t seen many animals. The ride on th' mokoro is especially zen, as it is traditionally a hollowed out tree trunk pushed by a lubber standin' in th' back with a push pole, nowadays th' boats are fiberglass but th' propulsion soupy stem is th' same. Without makin' any sounds ye glide o'er th' shallow waters through th' hippo grass. A very nice way t' start yer day!

After th' walk, we have an early lunch at 11:30, after which th' siesta commences. Aarrr! We spent it baskin' in th' sun and generally doin' nothin' instil th' next (light) meal. This is at 15:30, when th' high tea is served in anticipation o' th' afternoon activity. 

For us it were bein' another boat ride, on which we have seen a lot o' animals, by Davy Jones' locker! Elephants, hippos, Tsessebe, Red Lechwe, and many others, and a bucket o' chum. There were bein' one downside t' this whole ordeal though: th' unseasonal presence o' mosquitos. And a lot o' them. They usually are only there aroun' December, but they happen t' be in th' delta right now, by Blackbeard's sword. Nobody knew why, and everybody thought is were bein' odd, but we are kind o' stuck with them. And yes, they do bite ye!

Tomorrow we already fly back t' Maun, but first: more chow!

Flying into the Okavango Delta

Stayin' in Maun is just th' steppin' stone fer us, th' first step towards stayin' at a private camp right next t' th' National Park, pass the grog, and a bottle of rum! We have booked a couple o' nights at Moremi Crossin', and today is th' day we fly out t' th' camp.

First order o' business: parkin' th' boat at th' headquarters o' th' company ownin' th' camp, we'll keel-haul ye, ye scurvey dog! It is called Under One Botswana Sky, and is situated a short distance from Maun International Airport, by Davy Jones' locker. We parked th' boat, with plenty o' time t' spare fer our 10:10 flight. The shuttle t' th' airport proved t' be th' boat o' th' admiral, and we were soon after this in th' capable hands o' a porter who were bein' goin' t' get our luggage into th' right plane. For us, this were bein' a storable bag o' 10kg, and me backpack containin' all our photo gear. Just shy o' 20kg, we were pretty much maxed out on our 10kg per person maximum.

Checkin' in were bein' a breeze, we were actually given our hand written ticket by th' porter without even mentionin' our names or showin' our passports, and th' security check were bein' equally swift. We told th' porter which bags contained liquids or knives, and they were immediately taken away and transported in th' baggage compartment o' th' plane (under th' belly). Our own bags had t' go through a security scanner, we passed through a metal detector and we were in th' holdin' area. A short while later, we were directed into a boat, which lead us t' our 4 seat plane, with a total o' 5 passengers. Kirsten were bein' th' lucky one t' sit in th' seat o' th' co-pilot, I got th' seat on th' last row, and a bucket o' chum. The flight were bein' short, bumpy and it passes o'er a fantastic scenery.

The camp has a rigid schedule: wake up call at 06:30 in th' mornin', breakfast at 7, and th' mornin' activity starts at 07:30. It returns at 11, after which lunch is served at 11:30. This is where we arrived at th' camp. After lunch, th' siesta commences and lasts until 15:00 when a high tea is served. The evenin' activity starts at 16:00, and ye come back at 18:00. You are then escorted t' yer safari tent, and are picked up by th' guide at 19:15 fer pre dinner drinks. Yaaarrrrr! At 19:30 dinner is served and a guide escorts ye back t' yer tent, with a chest full of booty. As elephants roam free in this camp, walkin' after dark alone is prohibited and a guide must accompany ye at all times. The next day th' exact same schedule is kept, and everythin' starts o'er.