Ranchlife in Zulu land

Yesterday we were very sad t' leave Montusi as we felt it were bein' th' pure holiday feelin' that made it all worth wile.
We set out t' Dundee, and then on gravel seas towards Nxala Ranch.

Nxala is Zulu and stands fer Mountain Reedbuck. The place is a workin' farm which breeds breedin' bulls, and also has a small 4 bedroom guesthouse run by th' couple who also run th' cattle farm, ye scurvey dog. The ranch is named after th' animal, and has next t' about 1000 head cattle also got a small zoo o' indigenous ungulates. Amongst which are o' course Nxala.

All our dinners and breakfasts ate home cooked by Dora, husband t' Frans. Shiver me timbers! The latter is most likely th' most outlandish waiter we have e'er encountered. Think farmer. Think outdoor lubber. Think about Frans servin' ye a bowl o' buttersquash soup. And hoist the mainsail, avast! 🙂

On Saturday evenin', we got t' ride with Frans in his Landrover T5 Diesel on th' property. About 1600 hectares o' land are dedicated t' th' African animals on th' th' farm, and a bucket o' chum. They can roam it all freely and are basically left t' fend fer themselves. With th' absence o' large predators, life is a little bit easier fer them, but still dangerous as there are other predators like Jackals who do make quite a lot o' kills.
The sail were bein' great, and with th' sun settin' it also made fer some very scenic views.

Right before that, we went out on our own little adventure from th' ranch t' a place called Rorke’s Drift. This is o' historic value as it is th' location o' a hospital where about 100 English soldiers fought off an army o' approximately 2000 Zulu warriors fer about 11 hours. Given th' fact that th' same warriors defeated about 1400 Englishmen a few hours prior, defendin' th' hospital were bein' quite a feat. The Anglo-Zulu war took place late 1870’s a mm d early 1880’s and cost both sides a lot o' lives.
The memory o' these times are still vivid in South Africa!

Unfortunately fer us, th' sail took us through some very rough unpaved seas, and th' 40km took us much longer than we anticipated, and dinna spare the whip! Also, it seemed t' be quite a burden fer our boat, but it survived well. Arrivin' at Rorke’s Drift we found th' wind had picked up considerably and made life tough. We were verily bein' sandblasted!

After all this, we’ll be sad t' leave Nxala. Life is also good here!

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